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Dress Code

All students are to wear white, yellow, black or gray collared shirts and navy blue, black or khaki pants. Female students can also wear skirts or jumpers but should not be more than one inch above the knee. Shoes should be white, brown or black dress shoes or tennis shoes. Sweatshirts or sweaters should be white, yellow, black or gray (no stripes, logos or emblems). The only logo that is permitted is the Jackson Elementary logo.

Be sure your child dresses warmly for winter playground activities. Please mark clothing so misplaced items can be returned to your child. 

In an instance where unsuitable clothes are worn to school, the principal or her designee will inform the child that a change of clothes is necessary before he/she can return to class. 

Enhanced Dress Code for Specific Schools

Some schools in District 6 have individually chosen to have a more detailed and proscriptive dress code, in addition to the district wide Universal Student Dress Code. These decisions have been based on requests by students, families, and others in the school community. All stakeholders, including students, parents, and staff, participated in the decision-making process at each school. 

Elementary School

The following elementary schools use an enhanced dress code for students:

  • Centennial Elementary
  • Dos Rios Elementary
  • Bella Romero Academy
  • Madison K-8
  • Maplewood Elementary
  • Martinez Elementary
  • Jackson Elementary